Term 1 2021

Dr. Johan Jurgens High School

SGB 2021

2021-Elected SGB Members

2021 SGB Elected

We are pleased to announce our newly elected SGB for 2021. The SGB forms an integral part of any school and is integral at making decisions that concern finance, management, staff and learners. Thank you to all members of the SGB who give of their time so willingly. 

Mrs M Pollard

Mrs M Pollard

A sad good bye

The staff and learners of Dr. Johan Jurgens High School would like to bid Mrs. M. Pollard farewell. Mrs. Pollard has been teaching Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy for the past 9 years. Thank you for all the inspiration, guidance and dedication you have given to both staff and learners. We wish you only the very best in your new endeavors. 


Matric 2020

It was an extreme year for all learners having to complete studies for the NSC examination. Masks, social distancing and remote learning proved to be challenging. You conquered the storm and produced outstanding results. Well done class of 2020!
We achieved 77 A symbols and 133 B symbols. Our matric pass rate was set at 94%. Our TOP performers were Jade-Line Burn with 5 distinctions, Thando Gaule 5 distinctions and Noxolo Tshili with 4 distinctions. We are proud of you.


Newspaper article


Please take note of the following important notice

During the week of 8 -to 12 Feb 2021 all learners need to attend school from 08h00 to 11h00 on their respective dates to complete the following administrative tasks.
1. Collect Timetables
2. Collect Textbooks
3. Student Card Photographs
4. Diaries etc.

Please Note:
The R100.00 textbook handling fee must be paid on/before the day the learner attends school according to the following schedule.
1. 8   Feb 2021 - Grade 12 (8h00-11h00)
2. 9   Feb 2021 - Grade 11 (08h00-11h00)
3. 10 Feb 2021 - Grade 10 (08h00-11h00)
4. 11 Feb 2021 - Grade 9 (08h00-11h00)
5. 12 Feb 2021 - Grade 8 (08H00-11h00)

You must attend this admin day in FULL school uniform   

Wishing all our learners, parents and staff a blessed festive season

In what has been described as a most challenging year for learners, staff and educators, the covid-19 pandemic has in some way had a big role in changing how we do many things at school at home. This surely has been a year to remember. Not looking back at the negative we have had some truly blessed times. All assessments for grade 12 NSC were written with no incident. We would like to with the class of 2020 all the best for their future endeavors. We look forward to a positive 2021. We would like to wish all our learners, parents and members of staff a blessed 2021. Unfortunately Covid-19 has not taken a reprieve and still lurks around. Stay safe, wash hands, wear your mask and remember to social distance yourself at all times. If we all work together with this as a school and as a community life as we know it will return. 
Best Regards
Dr Johan Jurgens High School

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